Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How To Make Your Wedding Dress Look Unique

No matter what your style, it's important to be comfortable in your wedding dress. Although most women choose to wear white, it is still possible to make a white wedding dress unique and special. Here are some helpful hints to

make your wedding dress stand out from all the others.

1.Add a little color to your white dress. There is nothing wrong with replacing some of your dress' accents with color. If your dress has large white flowers, get them replaced with colorful posies. Add a colorful sash if your dress does not have flowers.
    • 2.Get the bottom of your dress dyed. If your dress is not too ornate, it might really spice things up if the bottom of it is a light blue or pale pink. Do not attempt to do this yourself...hire a professional!
    • 3Wear colorful, funky shoes. Instead of plain white pumps, have a little sparkle or color sticking out the bottom of your dress.

    • 4.Hire a costume designer to "build on" your dress. A professional can look at a piece and know exactly what to do to make it unique. Adding an accented line down your dress, or delicately placing jewels in designated places can all add a unique feel to your dress.
    • 5.Shorten your dress. Everyone will expect you to wear a long dress, so there is no harm in turning heads in a short little number!

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