Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Become Unique with These Simple Steps

Being unique results when one follows his or her own identity and doesn't give in to what society preaches as the "norm." Each and every one of us is born unique, but with time, society and culture tends to shape and form our opinions, styles and way of life. However, it isn't too late to break out of the mold.

    • 1.Remain true to yourself. Nothing is as unique as your own opinion and own personality.

    • 2

      Invent your own personal style. Instead of going to the mall and local department stores, branch out to some niche boutiques or even your local thrift store. Mall-bought fashion is what everyone does. Go out on a whim and buy something different and unique.

    • 3

      Educate yourself on current issues, both locally and globally. This way, you can hold your own unique opinion when people ask how you feel about certain issues or current events.

    • 4

      Create a buzz with a new hair color or cut. Instead of getting the traditional bob, one-length hair trim or buzz cut, get a funky 'do with texturized layers. A dose of hair color or highlights can transform an average look into a very unique look.

    • 5

      Follow your heart when it comes to your hobbies or interests. So what if playing the accordion is viewed as "geeky." If that activity makes your heart sing, that can make you glow as a person and make you even more unique.

    • 6

      Release your personal insecurities. This is a key factor as to why many people conform-because they fear what others may think if they march to the beat of their own drums. Let go of the fear and embrace your own personal uniqueness.

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