Friday, September 30, 2011

Still In Touch By Rayah Kitule

In all my life as a stylist i have always made a point to tell people to develop their own style,to not follow trends,unless is something tthat caught somebody's eye...
Ruls for developing your own style..
---fit...choose something that fits you well and flatter your body
---color...make sure you experiment with all colors and never shy away from them..
---ethnicity..also own clothes that are cultural like indian,nigerian,chinese e.t.c
---mix and match..if u can always afford to mix and match your clothes with shoes and bags..plse do
---try to look  for inspiration from the past,by this way u'll  develop a style that is unique and trendy..
---develop a trademark hair style,a style that is beautiful and so you...
---your clothes should have an element that when people see it somewhere else should remember you..

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