Monday, April 11, 2011

The Hazard That Is Your Handbag

This article will make you wanna toss your handbags out of the window.

Apparently a woman’s handbag contains more germs than a toilet seat.Did you just gasp in shock..I did too,

Researchers have stated that an average handbag carries around a million bacteria per square inch.

The health team that carried this research went to a local mall and took samples from the bottom of 50 women’s bags.Would you beleive that some even tested positive for faecal bacteria? How is this possible you ask?

Think about it..we plop our bags any where.On public toilet floors where countless people pass in daily,on restaurants and bar foors where countless feet have trodden.

When is time to leave,we casually hoist our bags on our shoulders,place them on our laps when we get into a vehicle and when we get home,we place them on the table,chair,bed or kitchen counter -the same place we prepare our food.

Now imagine all the creepy crawlies that you transport into your home everyday,yet here you thought that yours was the safe heaven on earth.

Who would have ever though that the accessories we love so much and we love to show off would be such a health hazard?

It shouldnt be that surprising,actually,the toilets are cleaner than womens’s bags

The verdict

Most people clean their toilets at least once a day,but if you are honest how often do you clean your bag? Once a month? Once a year? Never?

We should not forget to clean off the interiors too..take it from me ,a woman’s bag carries more than a wallet,phone and lip gloss,it also caries food,an extra pair of shoes and several other must have survival items….are we gonna start cleaning our bags or what?

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